the health & beauty shop



Our Health & Beauty shop contains only natural products for your body and face.   Women, men and babies will find everything they need to nourish their skin, feel better and look better. From everyday items like shampoo, toothpaste and deodorant, to specific items like facial masks, creams for bruises and creams for diaper rash, it is all here. Better brands and better products that are made with all natural plant and mineral ingredients. Good for you, your family, and our environment.


Everything we carry contains ingredients that are clean and the products work. We have tested and tried a lot of health & beauty products and we think we have the best. BUT, we are always looking for new items that are local and/or better. So if there is any product you know of that we don't carry, please let us know.  If there are any vendors viewing our site and you would like to show us your products, please send off an email to us.


In the Hop supplements, we take the supplements we sell very seriously because we take the health and safety of our customers seriously. We only carry brands that we know are of superior quality. We have been selling supplements for over 25 years. We know which brands are the best, giving our customers the most benefit. We consider our staff to be natural product experts. Jason, the owner of the store, has an extensive knowledge of nutritional supplements.  His 30 plus years' experience and passion for health makes him one of the best people to help customers in choosing the right product. He has passed on his knowledge to the staff at The Hop Urban Market, so they too can help you find the supplement you need and can trust. We are so proud to have helped so many people with their supplement needs over the years and it is so rewarding to know that we have contributed to many people's lives, helping them feel better and guiding them to long term health and happiness. Sometimes the road to health and happiness is shorter, sometimes it's longer. No matter how long your road to health is, we can and will help you get there. 


We are proud to have our own brand of supplements called Health First.  Always our first choice for you because of their superior quality and amazing value.  Health First is products that work at a great price and only available at The Hop Urban \market!  Join the many people that we have helped get healthier!!  


A large part of of our health and beauty shop contains aromatherapy oils, carrier oils and accessories.  We sell Divine Essence and do Terra essential oils.   We have a doTerra advocate on staff who can help you make the right choice when it comes to picking out the aromatherapy products that are right for you.  Look for our DIY aromatherapy classes and work shops hat offer a great way to learn about the many benefits of aromatherapy and making your own aromatherapy products.  




At The Hop, we have a great line of apparel!  Local leggings, sweaters, t-shirts, scarves, purses and more from  @shesgotleggz!! Come see our displays or clink the link above to check out the styles!