The Scratch Kitchen

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Order some of our Famous BETTER THAN BACON, COCONUT BACON!  Click below for delivery right to your front door and enjoy today!

What is Better Than Bacon?  It's our bacon alternative made from coconut.  

How do you eat it?  It's simple, open the bag and have it by the handful as a snack, use it on top of salads, baked potatoes, pizza, sandwiches, ice cream or anything else you would normally add the magical flavour of bacon to.  It so versatile, it really goes on anything you want it to.  Plus it does not require cooking or clean up...well except for licking your fingers to get every last bit of flavour!  Once you've tried, you will agree that it is BETTER THAN BACON!





We mean what we say     We use the best ingredients we can find so that are baked goods & foods  are not only the best quality they can be, but they taste amazing. We mean what we say.    Try our baking, coconut bacon, soups or smoothies for yourself and you will taste just how good our scratch kitchen foods are.  We offer a wide variety of baked goods including many gluten free and vegan options.  Our soups/chilies are made from scratch.  We feature many soups during the week and of course that includes seasonal favourites.  Call ahead to make sure we are not sold out! Our smoothies are all made from real ingredients like real berries, real veggies.  We offer several diary free mixing alternatives, proteins and superfoods.   Our foods are available here at The HOP Urban Market or at various retail locations.  

Pumpkin Soup